Rodrigo Habano Clasico – Cigar Review


Today I am reviewing the Habano Clasico by Rodrigo Cigars. The story behind Rodrigo cigars is quite an interesting one, it is one of a “classic destiny, and a classic smoke.” You can read the entire story on their site here, it is not too long, and very enjoyable. The Habano Clasico is Rodrigo Cigars core line, it represents traditional cigar making, and is medium to full in strength. All of the lines from Rodrigo cigars are made using “A-fillers” and binders, some of the highest quality tobaccos you can find. You can check out our reviews of Rodrigo Cigars other two lines as well. Our pre-release review of the La Fortaleza can be found here. The review of the Boutique blend by Rodrigo cigars can be found here. You can also follow them on twitter (@Rodrigocigars) plus you have to check out their Facebook page too.

Size: Toro 6 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano/Sumatra hybrid wrapper
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium to full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction: The Rodrigo Habano Clasico has a very light brown wrapper with apparent veins. It is silky smooth to the touch, with a triple cap. The one smoked for review was well packed, aside from a slight soft spot near the foot of the cigar.

Flavor and notes: The wrapper has a very sweet nutty scent which is combined with notes of hay, coffee, and a light spice. The foot also has the sweet hay scent, and another note close to that of molasses. On the cold draw there are notes of hay and earth.

Smoking Experience: As I light up the Rodrigo Habano Clasico I’m met with a white pepper spice, and hay. The first draw leaves a light tingle on the palate. During the first third the tingle on the palate remains, but the flavors shift greatly compared to that of the first draw. The smoke is very creamy with notes of hay, white pepper, nuts, nutmeg, and a light earth flavor. The blend is complex and well balanced. The burn and draw are both fantastic. The salt and pepper ash cling tightly to the even burn line. Each draw produces a full body of rich, creamy, cool, delicious smoke.

During the second third the rich creaminess remains, but the flavor profile shifts slightly. A new mineral flavor has been introduced, blending in with the flavors of hay, earth, and nuts. The smoke is still just extremely creamy, sweet, rich, and delicious. The strength is really coming across during this third, a light buzz starting to set in already. The buzz and flavor are both really pleasant and very enjoyable.

Into the final third the mineral flavors really start to pick up, and a light herbal flavor joins in as well. The notes of hay, earth, and sweet nuts still remain in the blend. The blend is pleasingly complex, and very creamy. The strength during this third seems to pick up and move towards full. I smoke the Rodrigo Habano Clasico down to the nub, a complete experience.

Conclusion: The Rodrigo Habano Clasico is a very complex well blended cigar. I enjoyed every bit of it. The smoke was creamy, rich, and delicious. The second I put out the nub I considered grabbing a second one, I really enjoyed the blended mineral notes. The strength was a bit over medium, and very enjoyable. The Habano Clasico is, without a doubt, a great stick.

Rating: 90

MSRP: $6.75