Ortega Serie D – Cigar Review


Eddie Ortega left EO Brands at the end of January to create his own company, Ortega Cigars (we covered in this post here). He hit the ground running quickly and release his first line of cigars, the Ortega Serie D to an initial 80 cigar shops throughout the US. Today I am reviewing the Ortega Serie D from Ortega Cigars. You can follow Ortega Cigars on twitter (@Eddieor) or check out their website at www.ortegacigars.com.

Size: No. 8 (5 1/2 x 50)
Wrapper: San Andres Mexican Maduro
Binder: Esteli Nicaraguan
Filler: Esteli/Jalapa Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The Ortega Serie D has a fairly dark wrapper, very typical of a Maduro wrapper, and has very few small veins. It is a well packed box pressed cigar with no soft spots or notable flaws.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper has a very sweet scent, but it is an odd sweetness closer to spice like cinnamon or nutmeg rather than the typical cocoa sweetness. The wrapper also has notes of light earth and hay. The foot of the cigar has the scent of sweet molasses and spices. On the cold draw there are notes of light earth, hay, and it is also slightly sweet.

Smoking Characteristics: As I light up the Serie D and take the first puff I am met with a fairly intense pepper and spice blast. It is a mix of white and black peppers with lots of other spices as well. During the first third these spices will continue and be joined with some notes of leather, coffee,  light cinnamon, and a sweet cocoa undertone. The flavor profile is well blended and layered. The construction is also excellent. The burn line is perfect with a tight ash holding at the end and the draw is also impeccable. It is very easy to get a full body of smoke with a single puff, the smoke is cool, rich, dry, and slightly sweet. Not only is the body full on draw, but between draws smoke continues to ooze out of the foot and cap.

During the second third the pepper and spice notes still hold on. They become a bit more of an undertone as the leather, coffee, and sweet cocoa notes fully develop. A bit into the second third the cocoa flavor evolves into a mix of a sweet chocolate and light berry flavor which has a bit of tang to it. This berry and tangy flavors blend really well and offers a nice contrast to the spices.

In the final third the pepper notes finally start to ease, and the spice takes on a more moderate flavor. The leather also fades slightly, but the notes of chocolate strengthen. The flavor consists of chocolate, coffee, berry, and rich mild spices. The burn and draw are both still perfect, and have required no work on my part. The ash still clings tightly to the burn line, and without any effort it is easy to hold an ash well over an inch with no risk of it falling.

Conclusion: When it comes to cigars I’m simply not a spice guy. I don’t tend to enjoy pepper or spice cigars as much as I will enjoy a sweet cocoa, or nutty flavor profile, and if it has to be spice I really only enjoy wood spice. As a result The Serie D really isn’t the cigar for me. The only part of the smoking experience I found truly memorable was the final third when the pepper really subsided and the flavor became what I tend to seek in cigars. That being said, the point of a review is to identify the quality of a cigar and its appeal in general and should not be entirely based on one’s own preferences. Lots of people really enjoy spicey and peppery cigars, and the Serie D is a very well made cigar. The construction is flawless, the burn and draw never requiring a single thought. The flavor is well blended, with a good evolution and fair amount of complexity.

Rating: 90

MSRP: $6.99

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  • http://www.stogiesontherocks.com/ Eric Scism

    I think Eddie Ortega is a great guy. I’ve chatted with him some on twitter and he seems incredibly personable and a good sole. I’ve yet to have one of his smokes though. I agree with what you said at the end about personal preference. It’s hard not to let that come through in your review b/c you want your review to life and a voice. I think you did a great job giving this cigar both. Keep it up

  • Cigar_Coop

    We both gave this cigar the same rating, but I like how you summed things up in the end better.

  • Swede214

    Thanks for the review, sounds like this is going to be a good cigar, can’t wait.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Coop!

  • http://www.cigarcraig.com/ Craig Vanderslice

    I’ve been dragging my heels getting my hands on some of these.  I’m certain that these will be right up my alley if they are anything like the Murcielago…can’t get enough of a nice San Andreas wrapper! All I really needed was Eddie’s name on the cigar to know I’d want to try it and probably love it. 

    I agree 100% with your bolded sentance inthe last paragraph.  A strictly objective review is nearly impossible, but understanding the reviewers preferences is most helpful in establishing context.  Thanks!

  • irratebass

    Great review, I picked up a couple of these and won a sampler box…these are all resting, and like all of Eddie’s brands this sounds right up my alley. Thanks

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com/ acigarsmoker

    Thanks for the props, Craig! We have been getting alot of compliments on our reviewing. It is humbling and I, with Pete’s help, really feel we are staying true to the Big One, Mr. Barry Stein, and what he created!



  • Eddie Ortega

    Great written review with a well written ending :-) It would be impossible for us to make a cigar which appeals to 100% of the market, no such thing.  We must instead, make different brands to try to appeal to as many consumers as possible.  I very much appreciate  the input and discussions from all like yourself, the feedback helps me adjust the blends.  Next brand will make sure and get rid of some of the spice…:-)



  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com/ acigarsmoker

    Thanks Eddie! It is so awesome that the cigarmakers of the world read our blog!

    As for me, the D is right up my alley! Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I should have written it? Ha!

    Love it!


  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com peter

    Some roasted coffee and semi sweet chocolate flavors would get you on my good side.

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