Winners of the 4 year Anniversary contest part 1

Round 1 of our 4 year anniversary contest is now officially over! Last weekend we posted a pairing review of the Estilo Cubano with a suggested pairing. In this post we started a contest to win 3 cigars with a cutter by suggesting a pairing you enjoy. We got a lot of great feed back and so many amazing suggestions. Sadly we only have 5 of these gift packs to give away so here are the lucky winners:

Corey Zerbe’s comment

For me its easy… EPC New Wave and a good strong cup of Joe!!!  Great pairing it was my Easter Moring Cigar.  Great morning stick and strong black coffee.


The other night I had a Crowned Heads 4 Kicks with Pelligrino and lime.  It was just enough to cleanse the palate but allow all the spicy flavors to remain for me to enjoy.

Ron Fedele

el tiane oscuro with a short mama juana


My favorite paring is a Ashton VSG with an A&W Cream Soda….mmmmm


And the pairing I will be reviewing is Z1batmang’s suggestion of

Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona with a Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew

Thanks to everyone who entered, to those who didn’t win try your luck in part 2 of our 4 Year Anniversary contest here, and look out for part 3 being posted this weekend!