Press Release – Joya de Nicaragua Announces Cuenca y Blanco Cigars

Press Release: Joya de Nicaragua introduces Cuenca y Blanco cigars

Estelí, Nicaragua – Today Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca and Sr. Jose Blanco officially announced the upcoming release of Joya De Nicaragua´s latest creation: “Cuenca y Blanco”. Medium in body, this full flavored blend is the first collaborative liga resulting from the exciting, new relationship between these two master cigar makers. Expertly crafted by hand, it reflects their joint efforts and symbolizes the embodiment of the marriage of their until now, separate cigar traditions.

Departing from Joya de Nicaragua’s traditional puros of all Nicaraguan tobaccos, the Cuenca y Blanco has been blended to be a cigar comprised of air-cured black tobaccos from four different countries of origin. This unique recipe is handmade with aged filler tobaccos including Habano Seed leaf from Nicaragua’s Esteli Valley and the volcanic isle of Ometepe, Piloto Cubano from the La Canela region of the Dominican Republic and an aromatic viso from Peru’s famed Tarapoto region. The cigar is expertly finished in a beautiful Grade 1 Ecuador Habano wrapper. This complex blend is the fruit of nearly a year of ceaseless experimentation and has resulted in a very flavorful smoke with a tantalizing aroma.

According to Sr. Blanco, Joya de Nicaragua’s Senior Vice President, “It is very exciting for me to make blends at a different factory and grow accustomed to a new environment and their traditions. As many know, I have always been deeply fond of Nicaraguan tobaccos, but I am also very pleased to bring more origins, including my own Dominican heritage, to Joya De Nicaragua.” Jose adds, “The Cuenca y Blanco is a symphony of well balanced tobaccos creating a rich and complex smoke, with lots of flavor which I always find so important and with a type of strength satisfying for most smokers.”

Joya de Nicaragua’s President and Owner, Dr. Martinez Cuenca, says “I see Cuenca y Blanco as the clear testimony of our vision of where we see ourselves in the future of premium cigar blending and manufacturing. The two of us, together with the rest of the Joya de Nicaragua family, put forth our best efforts to create this singular cigar blend that is balanced, flavorful, and intends to be judged not by its strength alone, but rather for the kind of pleasure it gives to every smoker that tries it.” He continues, “This cigar is the quintessential expression of how two minds, two experiences, and two origins worked together; each venturing off our traditional paths of only making Puro, to instead create what we feel is a masterpiece of a cigar of diverse tobaccos from many origins.”

Cuenca y Blanco will be available in 5 classic sizes: Corona Real 5 ½ x 46, Robusto Deluxe 5 ¼ x 50, Toro Supremo 6 x 54, Torpedo Especial 6 ¼ x 52 and Lonsdale Club 6 ½ x 44.

The initial production batch of Cuenca y Blanco will be released into the US market at the IPCPR 80th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Orlando in August 2012 and distributed by Drew Estate as part of its exclusive distribution agreement with Joya de Nicaragua. The brand will be introduced to the rest of the world beginning in January 2013 through Joya de Nicaragua’s International Marketing Division and distributors.

JOYA DE NICARAGUA S.A., is a family owned, Nicaragua-based cigar factory that handcrafts traditional cigars for the premium luxury cigar market. First opened in 1968, it is Nicaragua’s eldest factory in operation and home to the legendary JOYA DE NICARAGUA® brand of cigars. Joya is regarded by many as the patriarch crafter of robust, unique puro blends of locally grown black tobaccos.

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