My Uzi Weighs a Ton MUWAT 5 x 60 – Cigar Review

My Uzi Weighs a Ton (MUWAT) is one of the most viewed reviews on this site, you can read that original review here, and was written by Barry and towards the end he said something was missing and he wanted to give this cigar another shot when the actual release came out. Since Kevin and I have taken over A Cigar Smoker I feel it is my duty to finish what he started, and give the Uzi another look for him. For more information on the Uzi here is what Drew Estate had to say:

“The Collaboration: “My UZI Weighs a Ton” by Subculture Studios and JDN is the first formal cigar blending collaboration between Drew Estate Tobacco  Company and Joya de Nicaragua.”

“The 411: The UZI story began on the very first final consumer blending session at the Joya de Nicaragua factory in late 2010 during a Cigar Safari tour with the B.O.T.L. group. After conducting blending sessions for the previous 3 years at the Drew Estate factory, we were amped up to extend the concept to JDN.  While the B.O.T.L. group crafted their blends, I worked with the JDN team utilizing DE tobaccos, including a San Andreas Negro Wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Binder and hearty Brazilian Mata Fina Filler, coupled with Nicaraguan fillers provided by JDN. The blend proved to be rich and earthy, with a bright, sweet undertone.”

“As months of blending passed, I felt this blend was most noble in the 6×60 format and began calling this cigar “The Uzi.” We all had a good laugh at the name, but when I went back to their factory to pick up the round of 50 sticks, I said, “Damn, My UZI’s Weigh a Ton!” – and the brand was officially born. The initial sizes are 5×60, 6×60, and 7×60 – with the infamous “Bait Shop” (4×44) to follow.” – Jonathan Drew

Size: 5 x 60
Wrapper: San Andreas Negro
Binder: Connecticut Valley Broadleaf
Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina Oscuro, Nicaraguan Seco Jalapa, Nicaraguan Viso Condega and Nicaraguan Esteli Ligero
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The My Uzi Weighs a Ton has a very dark brown wrapper which is close to chocolate in color but with a slight red hue. There is some moderate oil with a bit of light veins and a very generous cap. The cigar really is quite heavy, very well packed and has no visible flaws. The band on the Uzi is very basic in design just gray and black with the words My UZI weighs a ton in large lettering and below it By Subculture studios and JDN.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Uzi has notes of leather, dark chocolate, and molasses. The foot has notes of musk, deep cherries, molasses, and a bit of hay. I go with a straight cut in preparation for smoking the Uzi. On the cold draw there are notes of spice, cocoa, leather, earth, and some hay.

Smoking characteristics: The Uzi kicks off with some deep spices, a mix of Asian and baker, along with some molasses, leather, and a bit of woody flavors. The draw starts off fantastically and is clearly on fully automatic (sorry for the pun!) The smoke is rich, cool, and full in body. After the first few draws the spice really settles down, but still remains in a subdued fashion. There are hints of cherries, cinnamon, leather, cocoa, and baker spices in the flavor profile during this third. The strength is a bit above medium and the flavors are delicious and well blended.

Into the second third the cherry flavors kick up a bit and the cocoa shifts to dark chocolate. The notes of cinnamon, baker spices, leather, and woody flavors all remain. The spice lingers lightly on the palate between draws with a bit of cocoa. The burn on the Uzi is simply fantastic, razor sharp with a tight ash holding at the end.  The strength starts to build a bit more during this third, but still isn’t quite full.

The final third of this cigar was, without a doubt, my favorite one. The dark chocolate and cherry flavors really take off and develop fully. The notes of wood, cinnamon, leather, and molasses all remain, but the spice has faded out in the flavor profile for the most part. However the spice still lingers on the lips and palate. The burn and draw remain fantastic. The body of smoke on each draw is simply amazing.

Conclusion: I have to agree with Barry that I expected a bit more strength from a cigar named My Uzi Weighs a Ton. Something about that name just makes me think of power and strength, and while this cigar finishes strong, I wouldn’t classify it as a real power house. That being said, I loved the flavors and loved the cigar. The construction was excellent, the flavors developed well and were well blended. I prefer cigars with a smaller ring than MUWAT and  have to agree with Barry that this cigar, in smaller gauges, would be an exciting stick to smoke.

Rating: 90 (Barry rated the prerelease 88)

MSRP:  $8.99