Bloggers meet up with Cigar Craig at JR Cigar – Trip Review


One of the most important things to us at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal is that the cigar business is a fun business. Cigar smoking revolves around enjoyment of the finer things in life and relaxation alone or in the company of good friends.  We are happy to call many people in the cigar industry our friends. Among those people are other bloggers who share the passion that we do about cigars. Some actually live fairly close to us. Craig Vanderslice, Cigar Craig is one of the bloggers we talk with and we decided to schedule a meet up about half way between us. Luckily for us, there is a JR Cigar in Whippany, NJ which is about at the half way point between the two of us. So we set up a date and decided to meet up for lunch and a joint review.

I arrived at JR Cigar a bit earlier than expected and decided to head on in and explore while I awaited Craig’s arrival. The first thing I noticed when entering JR Cigar is how different it is from other cigar shops I’ve been to. First off the initial shop I walked into didn’t even have cigars. In fact, walking in, I wondered if I was in the wrong place. The store at the entrance looks more like a 7-Eleven than it does a cigar shop. There was a wide array of items for sale ranging from shirts, beach chairs, candy, to even a small perfume store attached to this gift shop. After surveying the area I spotted the walk in humidor and sighed in relief.

The Humidor was very large and contained mostly boxes and sampler packs on display. Towards the right side there was a large glass display which was full of the open boxes for stick sales. The glass display formed a circle in which the staff of the store stood ready to assist you. Intermittently along the display case there were cutters and lighters tied to the counter like pens at a bank. The staff were friendly and helpful. The overall layout was clean, and inviting.

Craig and myself had originally planned to have lunch in the the Montecristo lounge, but sadly neither of us had noticed it was closed on Sundays during the summer. So instead we headed to the small public lounge. The lounge was well appointed with leather chairs and couches, HDTVs, and several people were sitting around enjoying some cigars. Craig and I choose a table in the corner and lit up a stick for review which you can find here.