Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado En Cedros Giveaway! Week 1

Hey readers! Starting today were giving away two 3-packs of Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado En Cedros every week for the next 5 weeks! Our first winners will be picked on Friday, July 13th! Plus, each of the ten people who win will be entered into a contest to win a Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado En Cedros Inmersion display case! It is a case that replicates the Inmersion process that is used to create the unique taste of Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado En Cedros. The Inmersion case contains 30 Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado En Cedros, and is intended for display for the promotion, but we won’t tell anyone if you crack her open!

Also, don’t forget that Hoyo de Monterrey is giving away a box of Reposado cigars a day during the month of July on their website and you can enter here!

This weeks contest is pretty simple. All you have to do is read our two recent joint reviews and post a comment saying which cigar sounds better to you. Want an extra chance? Well, Tweet the link to this contest http://wp.me/psE0S-2Kc and make sure to add @acigarsmoker and we will count those as well! While you do it make sure to check out Cigar Coop (@Cigar_Coop), and Cigar Craig’s (@CigarCraig) websites!

So here are the two joint reviews:

My review with Cigar Coop.

Cigar Coop’s Review with me.


And here are the reviews me and Cigar Craig did:

Here is my review.

Here is Craig’s review.

Plus some pictures of the prize!