EPC INCH Maduro No. 64 – Cigar Review


Recently EPC, EP Carrillo Cigar company (@epcarrillo) announced that they would be releasing the EPC INCH. Fans of Ernesto Carrillo’s La Gloria Cubana Serie R knew it was only a matter of time before Ernesto brought out the big guns he is known for. Read the press release here.

The three different vitolas are, No. 60 5 7/8 x 60, No. 62 5 x 62, and No. 64 6 1/8 x 64. The cigar has either Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro or Ecuador Sumatra wrapper for the maduro and natural lines respectively. I was instantly excited about this cigar since I enjoy many of the different EPC blends, most notably the EPC Short run 2012, which is a regular smoke for me, and the EPC Connecticut New Wave.

Today, I am reviewing the INCH Maduro in the largest size, No. 64 which is a 6 1/8 by 64. I lit this baby up, late one night, at the shop after I’d spent the day recovering from a late night out in White Plains, New York. Sitting around relaxing helped ease me back into reality and enjoy the start of another weekend night out. Friends around me kept remarking on the massive amount of smoke it produced.

Size: No. 64 (6 1/8 x 64)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican (Piloto Cubano, Corojo and Criollo ’98)
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The E.P. Carrillo INCH Maduro No. 64 is certainly a large smoke, without any question. The cap seemed tight, of course this is only compared to the large size of the INCH.  The wrapper is dark brown with small veins, but a lot of oil. The band is shaped like a ruler, unique and quite interesting. Many people around me remarked on it as I was smoking.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro No. 64 has notes of coffee, cocoa, and oak. The foot has a blend of spices to it with cocoa, wood, coffee, and a bit of ginger snap. To prepare smoking the E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro No. 64 I go with a slight straight cut, which would have been my choice anyway, but I was restricted as to how far I could cut it since none of my guillotine cutters could actually fit all of the cap within the blades. On the cold draw there were some spices, oak, and a deep cocoa flavor.

Smoking Characteristics: Lighting up the E.P. Carrillo INCH Maduro No. 64 I am met with a very rich full body of smoke, instantly. The smoke simply billows out around me as I light it up. The notes in the first third are that of oak, cocoa, and a slightly bitter coffee bean. The smoke is dry, rich, smooth, and very cool. It is billowing out all around me and fills up the air with its rich aroma. The burn is a bit uneven, likely because of how young the stick is, but the ash holds very firm easily to the inch point.

In the second third of the E.P. Carrillo INCH Maduro No. 64 the smoke keeps up, just filling the room around me with its rich scent. All the notes of oak, cocoa, and coffee remain, and now a slight undertone of berry is present, but most notable on the retrohale. Judging from the retrohale I’d place the strength at medium, yet the buzz that is setting in feels a little stronger. The flavor are still very rich, and simply excellent, I am enjoying the E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro No. 64 greatly. The burn line tightens up a bit during this third, and becomes closer to the razor sharp burn I expect.

Into the final third, there is no further evolution of flavors. The notes of oak, cocoa, and coffee bean all remain, and the berry flavor becomes a little richer. Each puff is still producing a almost ridiculously full body of smoke, the pictures below demonstrate this better than any words could. The smoke does become a little creamy in this third, and a bit more enjoyable. It makes for an excellent blend of rich, cool, dry, smooth, creamy smoke.


Conclusion: The sample I smoked was very young, which was likely the reason the burn issues occurred. Aside from the burn issues the E.P. Carrillo INCH Maduro No. 64 performed fantastically. The flavors were delicious, very well blended, rich, and full. The draw was beyond excellent, easily filling the air around me with smoke, and providing me a very full body of smoke off of each draw. I would easily recommend trying this stick out, and even going for the box purchase. While it is one of E.P. Carrillo’s more expensive offerings, that fact that it is almost a two and a half hour smoke makes it worth the price. Ladies and gentlemen, the originator of the strong, big ring gauge cigars is back!

Rating: 92

MSRP: $10.00