Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto No. 6 – Cigar Review

The J.C. Newman Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto No. 6 has just been released for general distribution. It was, like all new Diamond Crown introductions, initially only available to Diamond Crown lounges. The Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto No. 6 is the largest ring gauge available in the Diamond Crown Maximus line.

The concept behind the Diamond Crown lines from J.C. Newman is to create a “super premium cigar” and is a joint venture between J.C. Newman and the Fuente Family. The idea is best explained on the J.C. Newman site:

In 1991, Stanford Newman first discussed his idea about making a Super Premium cigar, the Diamond Crown’s, with Carlos Fuente Sr. In celebration of his J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s upcoming 100th Anniversary, Stanford wanted to develop a truly exceptional series of cigars unlike any other on the market. He didn’t care what it would cost, how much time it took, or even if it would sell. Stanford was in his mid 70s and he wanted to culminate his 50+ years in the cigar business by creating the smoothest, most flavorful, full-bodied cigar possible

The Diamond Crown brand features three lines, the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar (which I reviewed here), The classic Diamond Crown (which I reviewed here), and the Diamond Crown Maximus which I am reviewing today.

Size: 5 x 56
Wrapper: Ecuadorian El Bajo Sungrown
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Construction and Appearance: The Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto has a very dark brown wrapper which has quite a few veins and a very oily look. It is heavy in hand and has a very nice feel to it. The band is very attractive, colorful, celebratory, and ornate. There is a crown at the top, Diamond Crown in an arc and Maximus below. There are several gold coins centered at the based of the band.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto has the scent of coffee, hay, and a nice sweetness. The foot has notes of coffee, cocoa, oak, and hay. I use a V-Cut to prepare smoking the Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto and on the cold draw there is a rich, bold, complex flavor made up of sweet espresso, nuts, oak spice, and hay.

Smoking Characteristics: The Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto starts out with a fantastic draw, easy but not loose. It provides a full body of very rich, cool, smooth, creamy, sweet, thick smoke. In the first third the flavor profile is made up of natural tobacco, some sweet spices, oak, roasted nuts, and cream. The creamy note lingers long on the palate between draws with the nice lightly sweet spices providing an amazing finish. The strength in this third it just a bit over medium with a retrohale which is just packed with flavors and some spice. The first third is incredibly satisfying with rich, bold, and fairly complex flavors.

Into the second third of the Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto, there is a nice evolution to the flavor profile. A new note of light berry joins in along with a hint of cocoa and a rich coffee flavor. The notes of oak, roasted nuts, and cream have remained along with the overall sweet tone, but the natural tobacco and spice has faded out of the profile. Now between draws, the cream lingers on the palate long with some light cocoa and coffee flavors. The smoke production on the Maximus is still very impressive, it billows between draws and each puff provides a rich full body of the creamy, heavenly smoke. The ash holds very firm, well past the inch point, without flaking at all and only seems to break away when some effort is applied. The burn also is exceptional, remaining razor sharp. In this third the strength increases into the medium to full range.

During the final third of the Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto, all the notes of cream, oak, roasted nuts, light berry, remain with the undertones of cocoa and coffee. A new light woody grassy flavor also joins the blend adding to the complexity and balance. The strength in this third of the Maximus creeps into the full range, complimenting the evolution. The burn and ash both remain impeccable and I really couldn’t ask for more in either department. The Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto smokes cool to the nub and I savor every last puff.

Conclusion: The Diamond Crown Maximus Double Robusto is one fantastic cigar. It provides wonderful bold, complex, rich, well balanced flavors with a wonderful evolution. Combine that with quality construction and well-balanced strength and we have a real winner. The $12 price point may not make this a frequent smoke for some, but if you want to know what the difference between a $4 cigar and a $12 cigar is, the difference is striking! Go ahead and pick up some of these next time you have something worth celebrating and you will also get something that is worth remembering.

Rating: 93

MSRP: $12.00