Sunday Links – 9/9/12

It has been beautiful out this past week, and I’ve been really enjoying the end of the summer. Last weekend I’ve gotten to enjoy some great sticks, a Diamond Crown Maximus 2010 Figurado, an Opus X double Robusto, an Undercrown Corona Viva, and a La Aroma de Cuba corona. This weekend I have quite the line up as well! I picked up a few Liga Privada No. 9 and some Liga Privada T52s along with a handful of Undercrown Corona Vivas and I’m going to be a Drew Estate fanboy for the weekend! I hope everyone else will take advantage of the weather like I am.

Heres all the articles I loved this week, check it out!

Covering your ash reviewed the Macanudo Maduro Gigante, check out his review here!

GCPuffs picked up a new writer RHGoddess who is giving a female perspective on cigars! Check out her article about Girls in the Shop here.

The Lovely Lady of the Stick did a review of the new Asylum cigar, this one is a must see.

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