Tres Reynas Torpedo – Cigar Review


SAG Imports/Quesada had several new releases at the 2012 IPCPR. They include the new Quesada Jalapa, the 2012 Oktoberfest (which I reviewed here), the Q D’Etat Daga (reviewed here), the Regius White Label, the Casa Magna Colorado in a new box pressed format (reviewed here), and the Tres Reynas which I am reviewing today. While several of their new releases were quite exciting for me, the Q D’Etat line is one I’ve had quite an interest in, the Casa Magna is a great affordable smoke, and the Oktoberfest is an amazing blend.

The new Tres Renyas is a collaboration between Quesada and My Father Cigars (the factory in which the new Tres Reynas is being made) is the type of match I get excited to try out. Tres Reynas means “Three Queens” and is named for Patricia and Raquel Quesada and Janny Garcia who spearheaded the project.

Sadly, I wasn’t at the trade show the day SAG Imports introduced the blend, I’d left the day before, so I was unable to get a sample at the IPCPR itself. Luckily enough for me, I was able to catch up with Terence Reilly (@terencereilly82), Manuel Quesada’s nephew, a few days ago. I’ve only met with Terence a few times, but talking with him is always a real blast, there are a handful of people in the industry who just bring so much energy and enthusiasm to the table, and he is certainly one of them. When I met with Terence, he was generous enough to give me a Tres Reynas, which I opted to utilize for review.

Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The Tres Reynas has a fairly basic band with a white and gold theme, featuring a silhouette of the faces of three ladies with 3 Reynas written below it. On the back of the band, Esteli, Nicaragua and Hecho a mano are written, which is where it is made and hand made in spanish. The wrapper of the Tres Reynas is a very dark brown, nearly black, and has thin veins and some nice oil to it.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Tres Reynas has notes of chocolate, coffee, and a bit of hay. The foot has a scent which is a blend of grass, coffee, and spice which makes the nose tingle slightly. To prepare smoking the Tres Reynas, I use a straight cut around the mid point of the torpedo and on the cold draw there are flavors of spice, cocoa, coffee, and a bit of hay.

Smoking Characteristics: The Tres Reynas kicks off with a bit of spice, oak spice, a little pepper, and some coffee. The spices warm the palate just a little at the start of the smoke, but after a few puffs a nice, dry cocoa starts to enter the smoking profile and the pepper starts to fade out. The draw is excellent, providing rich, smooth, cool, creamy, slightly dry smoke. The blend is causing a lot of salivation and leaves a nice, sweet, lingering cocoa on the palate. During this third, the cocoa starts to build to a semi sweet dark chocolate with the bitter coffee pairing well with it.

Into the second third of the Tres Reynas, the blend becomes much sweeter with notes of rich dark chocolate, coffee, and oak spice, which blend together in a wonderful way. The flavors are very intense, rich, full, and cause just a ton of salivation while smoking. The dry sweet cocoa and coffee linger on the palate long between draws giving the Tres Reynas an excellent finish. The smoke is still smooth, creamy, cool, and rich, very full in body. The strength is in the medium to full range, with a nice rich retrohale. The ash is very white and holds tightly, far past the inch point, and takes a bit of effort to break off. The burn is not quite sharp, but has not required any correction or attention.

During the final third of the Tres Reynas, there isn’t any additional evolution, but the flavors are intense, balanced, and blended well enough that it still easily holds my attention. The deep dark chocolate, coffee, and oak spice all balance each other out, and allow me to relax and enjoy the smoke. The construction still stands up very well with a firm ash, good burn, and amazing draw. The smoke is still sweet, smooth, cool, creamy, and rich, causing a nice salivation on the palate while I smoke. The Tres Reynas smokes cool to the nub with the same wonderful blend of flavors.

Conclusion: I’ve smoked a lot of different maduros, and many made by the My Father Cigars factory, and I’ve been asked may times what my favorite is and its always hard to answer. I like many different maduro cigars, all for different reasons. The Tres Reynas is a little sweeter than most, and has an oak spice added into the blend, which keeps the sweetness from being the dominant note in the profile. The flavors are very intense and entertaining, so I could see this being added to my regular rotation. Overall, it is a great blend which is very enjoyable, and I’m certain to be picking up some more myself soon.

Rating: 91

MSRP: $7.95