Sunday Links – 9/16/12

Greetings Cigar Smokers, I hope everyone had a great week and is having fun smoking all the cigars you love. It is a sad time of year for me (and all us other northerners), I hate when Summer is turning into Fall. It is already starting to cool down at night, and pretty soon I’ll be forced to head indoors to smoke, and relegated to my garage. I am doing my best to take advantage of these last few weeks, smoking some of the best in my private reserves. Speaking of which, some of the other great blogs I love have been reviewing some of the very sticks I’ve been breaking out.

With that in mind, here are my Sunday links!

If you are reading early enough, today is FOOTBALL and you can put your picks in for a 5-pack of cigars in our ACS Sunday Football Challenge here. Based on the number of entries we have so far, this will become a weekly contest all season with even better prizes!

First off, just a reminder, we have our ongoing contest to win a free Savoy Glass-Top 50ct humidor, check out the contest here.

Cigar Advisor posted an interesting write up about cigar rituals, see how many you have, I’m not ashamed to say I am guilty of quite a few.

Cigar Coop wrote up a great review about the Rocky Patel 50th, a cigar I treated myself to a few nights ago, take a look here.

Stogies On The Rocks did a write up about the Liga Privada No. 9, one of my favorite sticks, and even made one of his legendary flavor wheels for it, read all about it here.


Happy Smoking! -Pete