Reader’s Choice Humidor Sweepstakes


September is here and marks the beginning of our first Reader’s Choice Humidor Sweepstakes! The Reader’s Choice Humidor Sweepstakes is a chance for our readers to win a Savoy Glass Top Humidor full of the great sticks you read about here on our site!

To enter, send in one or two cigars that we have reviewed here on the website. When we get to 50 cigars, we will draw a winner and the Savoy Humidor is yours!

Basically we provide the humidor, you guys provide the cigars to fill it up.

The rules:

  • You can send in either One (1) or Two (2) cigars during the Reader’s Choice Humidor Sweepstakes
  • All cigars you select must have been reviewed on to ensure quality since we only review good cigars! Note: The brand and blend must have been reviewed here. Any size may be submitted. The Dutch Master Palma we reviewed will not be eligible.
  • You must include a note with your cigars that says your first name and last initial and what city and state you are from (Example I would be Peter G. Danbury, CT). If you wish, you can also include why you love the cigar(s) you selected. The notes will be left with each entry and the winner can see who contributed each cigar.
  • All cigars must be mailed in a ziplock bag in a flat rate USPS small packing box. Within the ziplock bag please include the paper which has your First name and last initial.
  • The package must also include a note card or piece of paper with your shipping info so when you win we can send you the humidor.
  • The contest will run until a total of fifty (50) cigars have been received, at which time, we will randomly select a winner.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter. International entrants are responsible for customs duties.

Let us know what you think and what cigar you are sending!


The cigar should be sent to:
5 Padanaram Road
Danbury, CT 06811

This will be a great chance for people to share the cigars they love with others even if they don’t win. The winner will receive a beautiful glass top Savoy humidor packed with all fine cigars that have been reviewed on our site. It is going to be a great chance for cigar smokers worldwide to be connected to each other!

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  • Corey Zerbe

    This is a great idea and as I’m desp. in need of a new Humi. I think I must enter this contest. Great idea

  • Aron

    Great idea for a contest! I’ll try and get my sticks out tomorrow.

    Question, though. I have access to a mail-order facility. Would it be alright if I sent the cigars in a small non-flat-rate box? It will probably be cheaper. Also, I already own the boxes!



  • peter

    So long as they arrive safely

  • Duane

    Is there much room left in the humidor? I might still enter if there is!

  • acigarsmoker

    We still have room! Send them in! You will be getting in on some nice cigar action!

  • Kevin

    We still have room! Send them in! You will be getting in on some nice cigar action!


  • Evan

    This still on?

  • Kevin

    Yes, the humidor contest is ongoing.

  • Jim Bobber

    Do you need any more cigars for this?

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