Sunday Links – 9/23/12

Hello to my fellow bothers of the leaf! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. As always, I’ve been having plenty of fun. Last night I was able to head down to the Owl Shop  in New Haven, CT. I had a nice relaxing night with my friends hanging out, having some good drinks and some fine smokes. The place was very comfortable, offering a great relaxing lounge/bar in a very comfortable warm, friendly atmosphere. I was able to enjoy one of my standby smokes the Cain straight ligero Habano, while my friend was able to sample out the new La Duena from My Father Cigars. It made for a fun night hanging out in New Haven, CT and once we were done with the cigar lounge we were able to check out the night life in the area, which is a story of its own.

Anyway here are the stories I’ve enjoyed this week.

Our friend Coop over at Cigar Coop reviewed the new La Palina Classic, a stick I enjoyed, check out the review here.

Stogie Review took a look at the Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig, one of my favorite smokes, see what they had to say.

Toasted Foot reviewed the new Room 101 Daruma, take a look at his thoughts.

Also, our NFL Sunday Football Challenge continues this week and you can still enter until the first kickoff today! This week we have a Torano Travel Humi with 5 sticks ready to ship to this weeks winner!


Happy Smoking!  -Pete