Sunday Links – 9/30/12

Greetings folks! Normally my Sunday links involve anywhere from 4 – 7 posts from other blogs which I found interesting in the past week. The issue is I don’t like using the same blogs two weeks in a row. There just haven’t been as many postings going out right now. So instead of just posting links to other blogs I’m going to post some other sites that you as a brother of the leaf should be aware of.

So here are my links for this Sunday!

I talk about this a lot, but first off I think its important that everyone, RIGHT NOW, heads over to CRA’s website and signs up here.

Second if you haven’t heard about Reddit they have their own cigar subforum which is VERY popular, with nearly 10,000 members! Check it out here. Brothers of the leaf getting together and helping each other, it’s a beautiful thing!

Interested in a forum about cigars, Camacho has made a fantastic one check out Social Cigar.

Toasted foot did a review of the Quesada Q D’etat Daga, see his thoughts here.

Casas Fumando did a review on the Jose Seijas Signature Series, I love this stick, check it out.

Finally Cigar Advisor did a write up about the V-Cut, show it some love like I always do!