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Christian Eiroa has introduced his CLE Cigar lines for Fall 2012 release. Brands include CLE (Cuarenta, Connecticut and Corojo), Wynwood, and The Asylum Series. We reviewed the Asylum here and are reviewing the Asylum 13 today.

The Asylum Brand, manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua looks to be poised for a major position in the marketplace. The factory, Nicaragua American Cigars, S.A. (NACSA), is a factory that previously produced over 10 million cigars per year for the Newman Family including their Quorum Brand. NACSA, the largest factory in Nicaragua, also produces many JR brands as well as a healthy portfolio of Altadis brands. Production for NACSA was formerly headed by the late Frank Llaneza, and with the absence of the Quorum production, the Asylum fits perfectly into a growth plan. With shared interest with the Oliva Tobacco Family, Christian Eiroa, and others, access to consistently available tobaccos and solid financial backing gives this brand both credibility and an assurance of commitment to future extensions of the brand.

The Asylum concept is that of a little craziness and thinking outside of the box. The Asylum line showcases some bold flavors, much in the tradition of Christian’s Camacho brand and the Asylum 13 brings even more strength. The Asylum’s cigar bands and packaging have a unique look and feel, invoking the fragile state of mind of an Asylum ward. The artwork, originally conceived by Kevin Baxter (formerly of Outlaw Cigar Co., Kansas City) and Mikael Barnheart (also from K.C.), really pulls this concept together.

Lets see what the Asylum 13 has to offer.

Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The Asylum 13 features a black band with white writing and some red tracing in patterns on it. The band says Asylum and 13 in the middle with white skulls patterned on the rest of the band. The wrapper of the Asylum 13 is a very dark brown, almost dark chocolate in color, with moderate veins, but a beautiful oil shine to it. It feels solid and hand and is topped off with a very tight cap.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Asylum 13 has notes of sweet cocoa, hay, and wood. The foot has a scent which is a blend of coffee, cocoa, wood, and a slight spice which tingles the nose a bit. To prepare smoking the Asylum 13 I go with a punch cut and on the cold draw there is a flavor of spice, cocoa, coffee, and a nice bit of oak spice.

Smoking Characteristics: The Asylum 13 kicks off with an assortment of rich flavors which delight the palate. There is plenty of spice, pepper, and oak spice. The first few draws are bit overpowering, but the flavors settle down quickly. The spice warms and lingers on the palate. Rich dark chocolate and coffee flavors begin to dominate the profile with oak spice and a rich spice lingering just slightly underneath it. The strength is quite apparent, pleasantly full with a very powerful retrohale. The draw is excellent, easily providing a full body of rich, cool, smooth, and surprisingly sweet smoke.

Into the second third of the Asylum 13, it still keeps kicking out the same powerful but subtle spice and the strength remains full. It is now that I’m really starting to feel it. I could tell it was full before, now I can feel it is full. The notes of bittersweet dark chocolate and coffee still dominate the flavor profile, but the undertones of spice and oak spice are still quite present. Each draw leaves a little coffee and oak spice lingering on the palate, providing a nice finish. The draw is still excellent, easily providing a full body of smooth, cool, rich, sweet, and now slightly creamy smoke. The ash holds firm, well past the inch point, and the burn line remains very sharp.

During the final third of the Asylum 13, there is a nice evolution which takes place. A new rich caramel note joins the blend along with a deep roasted nutty flavor. These new notes pair with, but do not overpower, the notes of dark chocolate and coffee. The oak spice and rich spice still remain as undertones, and provide a bit of a savory feel to the Asylum 13. The strength remains full to the end, becoming a bit overpowering towards the nub, giving me quite the buzz. The construction performs very well to the finish, the ash still holding firm, and the burn line remaining sharp.

Conclusion: The Asylum 13 was a bit bolder than the regular Asylum, and in my opinion, the better flavor profile. The strength was quite full, with a nice kick to it. The flavors on the Asylum 13 were very well blended, smooth, and delicious. Overall I found the Asylum 13 to be more than satisfactory, with outstanding construction, and an fine experience. I would recommend trying out the Asylum 13 if you are a fan of powerhouse sticks!

Rating: 90

MSRP: $6.00


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  • Cigar_Coop

    I reallly liked this cigar too – as I do like powerhouse cigars. I like what Asylum is doing, and the people behind this cigar make the story even better. I know a group of powerhouse cigar smokers and have recommended this cigar to them – and in each case it’s been a hit. Great review.

  • peter

    Thanks coop, I agree it really was a nice smoke, can’t wait to get some more.

  • TimL

    6 x 50 is not a Robusto, it’s a Corona Gorda.

  • Blackbeard2002

    Hey Tim not to beat a dead horse here but I’ve never seen a Corona Gorda over a 48 ring guage.If you want to get technical its a Toro 6×50 witch is a Robusto plus 1 inch give or take lengthwise.Usually anything at 50 ring guage or above is going to be considered a Robusto depending on shape configuration etc.(figurado,churchill,perfecto). Thanks

  • Mike

    A friend who works at my local shop recommended it to me a couple of months ago and I love it! It’s in my “rotation” and I recommend it to anyone who wants a really good cigar at a good price.

  • Mark71GTX

    I was recommended to try this one tonight at Davidus Cigars in Frederick, MD. I was pleased with the flavor and quality – especially for the price!

  • falseprophet123

    Asylum 13 has a 5×50 robusto, they come in a box of 50.

  • falseprophet123

    I have a box of Asylum 13 Robusto’s (5X50) and a box of what they call a Toro which is 6X60. I thought he was reviewing the Robusto’s? I found that these cigars needed a very long rest. I smoked one of each after letting them sleep for a month. Neither one was ready to smoke. So I let them sleep for another 5 months, and still not ready. Eight months later, they were a thing of beauty, especially the 6X60. With 50 to a box, these have their own separate humidor. I’m going to smoke them slowly over time. The aging quality of Asylum 13 makes this cigar a must buy if you like your smokes with some time on them.

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