Sunday Links – 10/21/12

Sorry I’m a bit late on these Sunday Links, I’ve had a busy weekend so far and it slipped my mind until now. I’m really enjoying these last few days of fall when it is just beautiful outside. It has been just fantastic this weekend, after raining all day Friday, Saturday was wonderful with 70 degree weather and plenty of sun. Today is exactly the same. These are the types of days where you can go for a nice walk and enjoy a fine cigar reflecting on the better things in life, and I’ve been doing just that. I hope everyone else is taking advantage of these last weekends before the holidays start and everything becomes crazy once again.

Without further ado here are the links I enjoyed on other blogs this past week:

Casas Fumando reviewed the entire Wild Bunch Series from Ortega cigars, I have to say I’m pretty envious since I haven’t been able to try these out just yet! Check out his assessment here.

Coop from Cigar Coop did a reassessment of the EPC Inch Natural, see his updated thoughts here.

Cigar Inspector had another hilarious Sunday Cartoon that I checked out this morning, you have to see this!

GC Puffs did a review of the Dogfish Head My Antonia, one of my favorite beers from my favorite brewery, see his thoughts on it here.