Angelenos 2009 Robusto – Cigar Review

The Angelenos 2009 is a part of the God Of Fire line from Prometheus and is made by the Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic. Keith Park, the founder of Prometheus, named the Angelenos to honor one of the great American cities, Los Angeles. Keith Park’s description of the brand is:

Many cigar brands celebrate the places where they were born-great cigar cities such as Havana and Miami.The Angelenos cigar may be the first to honor a city where cigars are not produced, but enjoyed with gusto and enthusiasm matched nowhere else. I am referring of course to Los Angeles, home of many of the world’s most passionate cigar lovers.

Countless movie stars, titans of business, musicians, athletes, writers, and politicians call Los Angeles their home. The city’s flourishing population exhibits an unmatched love of life, inspired both by the culture that surrounds them and by the natural beauty and idyllic climate of their chosen home.
It is no wonder they have so fervently embraced the cigar, a product conceived by artisans, formulated from painstakingly-cultivated natural ingredients, rolled by skilled torcedors using techniques passed down from generation to generation-and unsurpassed in the subtleties and satisfaction of flavor it offers.

Size: 5 1/4 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Mild
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The Angelenos 2009 Robusto has a very simple band, it is black with a cursive A written in silver with Angelenos 2009 written below it in red. While the band does look fairly simple, it does have a nice refined feel to it. The wrapper of the cigar is a light golden brown with minimal veins, and a bit of oil. The Angelenos 2009 Robusto ends in a neat triple cap and has a nice comfortable soft boxed pressed format to it.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Angelenos 2009 Robusto has notes of grass, pine, and a light sweetness. The foot has a scent made up of hay, earth, wood, and a little cedar. To prepare smoking the Angelenos 2009 Robusto I use a punch cut and on the cold draw there are flavors of spice, grass, nuts, and earth.

Smoking Characteristics: The Angelenos 2009 Robusto opens up with a nice rich flavor with a bit of nuts, pine, and a sweet grassy tone. The smoke is very cool, rich, smooth, and creamy. The strength is certainly only mild, but the body of smoke is full, dense, and the flavor is quite intense. Towards the end of the first third, a light vanilla note begins to join the flavor profile, which works well with the sweet tone of the blend. There is also a nice savory note in the first third which fades in and out of the smoking profile.

Into the second third of the Angelenos 2009, the sweet vanilla flavor becomes more prominent in the smoking profile along with the pine, causing the grass and nuts to become more secondary flavors. During the second third, the savory note seems to have subsided. The ash holds very firm, easily past the inch mark without flaking in any way. The burn line is very sharp, having required no corrections up to this point. The draw also performs well, easily providing a full body of rich, cool, smooth, sweet smoke.

During the final third of the Angelenos 2009, the flavor remains very similar to the second third. The sweet vanilla and nuts dominate the flavor profile and the pine and grass play secondary roles. The ash remains firm, the burn is sharp, and the draw is excellent. The one issue I do have with the Angelenos 2009 is that when I remove the band part of the wrapper tears due to a bit of excessive glue on the band. Aside from that, the Angelenos 2009 performs well to the end, remaining cool to the nub.

Conclusion: Overall the Angelenos 2009 Robusto offers a nice complexity, and is a great blend. The flavors are bold, intense, and rich, with some tones that aren’t often found in a Connecticut shade cigar. My biggest concern about the Angelenos 2009 Robusto is the way removing the band damaged the outer wrapper. It was still smokeable despite the wrapper peeling a bit, but it was clearly an issue of too much glue being used when the band was applied. I would guess this is not a common problem, so I’m going to ignore it for the most part. Aside from the band issue, the construction was excellent, the ash perfect, burn sharp, and draw ideal. Overall, in my opinion, the Angelenos 2009 Robusto is worth trying out.

Rating: 89 (-5 points if the glue on the band is a common problem)

MSRP: $9.50