JFR 770 L.E. Maduro – Cigar Review

There have been a lot of trends in the cigar industry lately with the size and shape of cigars. One of the biggest trends is making larger sizes which seem to be popular in the American market, the Casa Fernandez JFR 770 L.E. Maduro is one of those. I know Freud once said “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I wonder if this is one of the times it isn’t. A 7 x 70 is, to my memory at least, the largest cigar I’ve smoked to date. Unlike the regular JFR L.E. Maduros, which uses a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper, the 770 uses a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper due to the need for a larger leaf.

Sigmund Freud by Max Halberstadt, 1921

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. – Sigmund Freud


Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The band on the JFR 770 is very simple. It is jet black in color with silver writing on it. The band says JFR, features 5 stars below it, and says 770 L.E. below that. On the left side of the band it says Premium Hand-Rolled, on the right side it says Jalapa Valley Nicaragua. The wrapper of the JFR 770 is a very uniform dark brown, almost milk chocolate in color, with very fine veins, and a nice oil sheen to it. It is simply massive, heavy in hand, and easily dwarfs any cigar I’ve smoked recently.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the JFR 770 has notes of coffee, cocoa, and some oak. The foot has a scent which is made of coffee, chocolate, spice, oak, and hay. To prepare smoking the JFR 770 I use a straight cut, a very slight once since the size is so large. On the cold draw there are flavors of coffee, oak, and a little spice.

Smoking Characteristics: The JFR 770 starts out with one of the most predominant sweet cocoa flavors I have ever experienced. The richness causes a bit of salivation and has a long finish on the palate between draws. Along with the sweet cocoa there are notes of coffee and a bit of oak as well. The smoke is very smooth, cool, creamy, rich, and sweet. The draw is wonderful, easily providing a very full body of smoke. The strength during the first third is in the medium range, with a nice mild buzz setting in. The ash is rock solid, holding easily past the inch point, and the burn is surprisingly sharp. I had almost expected a poor burn on the JFR 770 due to the large gauge, but to my surprise it is doing quite well.

Into the second third of the JFR 770, the flavor remains very close to the first. The cocoa develops into a bit of a bittersweet dark chocolate, while the coffee and oak remain. During this third there is also a bit of a sweet berry flavor which fades in and out of the smoking profile along with a little earthiness. In between draws, a nice rich dark chocolate and berry flavor lingers long on the palate, providing an excellent finish. The strength remains in the medium range in this third, not increasing at all. The smoke is still very smooth, sweet, cool, rich, and very full in body (not at all shocking considering the gauge). The ash still holds firmly, but I’ve noticed I need to keep it around a half inch to get the best flavors while smoking, and I do touch up the burn line at a couple of points to ensure it does not become too uneven. Reflecting, I think the burn would have corrected itself.

During the final third of the JFR 770, there is a shift in the smoking profile. The earthiness and berry flavors intensify, providing increased richness of flavors and complimenting the bittersweet chocolate. The oak spice plays in the background and provides a unique finish to each draw. The strength during the final third does peak in full range during this final third, but overall the JFR 770 is a medium strength cigar. The construction stands up well , there are no burn issues, the ash still holds firmly, and the draw is still excellent. The JFR 770 smokes for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, quite a while, and remains cool yet a bit soft towards the nub.

Conclusion: The JFR 770 is certainly the type of cigar you need a decent chunk of your day to smoke. Considering it smokes for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, it literally takes up an eighth of your day. The flavor is quite enjoyable and there is a bit of an evolution to the smoke, but overall I would have liked to have seen the JFR 770 do a bit more. I feel like it is comparable to an UZI, delicious, but a little flat, considering how long you smoke it for. However, the evenness of the burn concerns me, considering the large gauge and such a long smoking time. I have to say I do recommend the JFR 770 for a long car ride, or if you just love a big maduro, it is sure to satisfy.

Rating: 88

MSRP: $9.00