La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra – Cigar Review

The La Gloria Cubana is a one of those extremely well known names in the cigar world, which is now produced by General Cigar Co. The brand is one that is carried in most B&Ms and tends to sell well pretty much everywhere. The La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra is part of a new limited edition series from General Cigar Co. Each region in the United States is getting a different shape of the La Gloria Cubana, since I live in the Northeast I am privileged to get the new Piramide Supra size which is being limited to 777 boxes of 10 which have been aged for three years.

Size: 7 1/4 x 62
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra features the classic La Gloria Cubana band which has a lady, who looks sort of like a flapper, smoking a cigar wearing a red robe and a golden headdress of sorts. The band inspires a Victorian feel to the cigar, while not being ostentatious. The wrapper of the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra is a medium brown with moderate veins, and a nice oil to it.

Holding the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra in hand, I have to admit I’m almost a little intimidated by the size of it. It is certainly quite heavy in hand, and increases in ring gauge from the cap down to the foot. The effect this gives is that when one holds the cigar near the band you can really feel the weight from down near the foot.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra has notes of cedar, grass, and leather. The foot has a scent made of spice, wood, cedar, leather, and a little earth. To prepare smoking the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra, I use a straight cut about half way down the torpedo cap. The cold draw yields flavors of spice, cedar, nuts, grass, leather, and some light citrus tones.

Smoking Characteristics: The La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra opens up with a mix of spice, grass, leather, earth, nuts, and a little cedar. The draw is loose, but the smoke is smooth, cool, and has a nice savory and meaty quality to it. The smoke production really starts to open up at the inch mark, and provide a fuller body of smoke. The strength in the first third is in the medium range, with only the slightest buzz setting in.

Into the second third of the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra, the notes of nuts, leather, and grass start to dominate the flavor profile. During this third, the notes of cedar and earth start to take on more of a secondary role and are joined by a light cocoa note. The ash holds very firm, easily past the inch and a half point, without flaking at all. The burn has required some slight touch ups to stay sharp, but overall has been adequate. The strength remains medium, with only a very slight buzz setting in while smoking.

During the final third of the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra, the flavor remains very enjoyable with the notes of nuts, leather, and grass playing well off of the cedar, earth, and light cocoa. The smoke is still very savory, cool, smooth, and rich with a nice meaty quality to it. The burn has now evened out completely and is requiring no touch ups at all, and the ash is still holding very firmly. The strength kicks up just a bit during this third, approaching medium to full. The La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra smokes cool to the nub, which takes quite a while, without pulling any heat.

Conclusion: The La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra checks in at over 2 hours for me, and I tend to smoke a little fast. This is certainly the type of cigar that you need a while to relax and enjoy. The flavors are quite enjoyable, with a nice savory feel to them, and enough complexity and evolution to keep me entertained while smoking. The construction stands up well. Any cigar that lasts for so long usually requires at least one burn correction. Overall, it is a very enjoyable cigar and worth the investment, especially since it is so limited, and especially if you already enjoy smoking La Glorias.

Rating: 89

MSRP: $12.60