Sunday Links – 11/11/12

Welcome back for another Sunday links. Peter, your cigar smoker, here with another little rant. This week I heard from too many of my friends that they did not bother to vote in this past election. Even if you don’t feel strongly about a candidate (which as a cigar smoker it is clear who you should have felt strongly about) it is important to vote on local initiatives, not to mention your city, state, and congress representatives. In reality, all of these small elections affect you just as much, if not more than, the presidential election. Your vote is important, use it.

Anyway here are the links I enjoyed this week:

Cigar Coop did a review of the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Twenty Twelve Liga LR-1, check out his review here.

Walt at Stogie Review did a review of the Oliva Serie V Melanio, see what he thought about it.

The guys over at Cigar Advisor have a nice piece about talking to your kids about smoking cigars, give it a look over here.