ACS NFL Sunday Challenge November 18th Results!

Last night the Bears and the 49ers played to decide who the winner of our November 18th ACS NFL Sunday Challenge would be. There was a 5 way tie between the entrants, and it came down to guessing what the total score of the game would be. The score ended up being 7 to 32 with the 49ers pulling off a decisive victory.Tyler H guessed it would be 35, Derek guessed 27, Matt Ross 24, Foozer 69 guessed 23, and Shelby Mustang guessed 31.

The rules state In the case of a tie, we will default to the combined score of the Monday night game. The person who guesses the closest without going over will be selected as the winner.

Since the total score was 39 the closest without going over was Tyler H, and he will be taking home this Punch 4 pack with the smoker box! Congratulations to him, and thanks to everyone who entered.