ACS NFL Sunday Challenge November 25th Update!


For the November 25th edition of our ACS NFL Sunday Challenge we put up a 5 pack of Casa Magna Colorado Perfectos from SAG Imports, which are not available for regular sale, and only given out at Quesada and Casa Magna events. Once again we ended up with a tie, with two people predicting 10 out of the 12 games correctly. Since both Nvizble and Michael Hetes predicted the same amount of games correctly, according to the rules it comes down to who will guess the score of the Monday Night game. It all comes down to the Panthers vs the Eagles , who ever guesses the total score closest without going over will win the prize. Michael guessed the total score will be 40 and Nvizble guessed 37.

Tonight we will find out who will take home the 5 pack of Casa Magna Colorado Perfectos. Good luck to both entrants, and thanks everyone for entering.