ACS NFL Sunday Challenge December 2nd Update!

Last week I posted up another round of the ACS NFL Sunday Challenge, this time putting up a Romeo Y Julieta ashtray and a Montecristo Double Blade cutter as the prize. Once again we had another tie. Jim Bobber and Drake Bishop both predicted 10 of the games correctly, so according to the rules:

In the case of a tie, we will default to the combined score of the Monday night game. The person who guesses the closest without going over will be selected as the winner.

Jim Bobber guessed that the combined score would be 40 points, and Drake Bishop guessed it would be 69. It all comes down to tonights game, the Giants Vs the Redskins. Good luck to both Jim and Drake, and thanks to everyone who entered the contest this week. Make sure to check in tomorrow to see the results, and get in on the action for next weeks contest.