Chaveta Maduro Torpedo – Cigar Review

The Chaveta Maduro is produced in the Dominican Republic (Tamboril) at Abe Flores’ PDR Factory. In 2011 the Chaveta brand was acquired by Mark Just of Tower Cigars and is now being opened up to a wider distribution. The Chaveta Maduro features a Brazilian Bahia Maduro wrapper with a Dominican binder and a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The band on the Chaveta Maduro says Corte Fino, which basically means cheap but good. This slogan basically sums up everything from PDR in my experience, all of their releases are reasonably priced, but display excellent quality, construction, and flavors.

Size: 6 1/2 x 52
Wrapper: Brazilian Bahia Maduro
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Construction and Appearance: The band on the  Chaveta Maduro Torpedo has a nice classic feel to it. In the center it has a picture of a cigar roller’s blade with Chaveta written above it and cursive and Corte Fino written below. Fino is the spanish word for fine, and Corte for cheap, so Corte Fino roughly translates to, “Cheap but good”.

The wrapper of the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo is a beautiful medium brown, almost the color of chocolate, with fine veins and a slight oil to it. The construction is excellent, with almost no seems and a nice weight to the cigar.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo has notes of a rich sweet milk chocolate and a bit of coffee. The foot has a scent which is a cross between hot chocolate, oak spice, and a little earth. To prepare smoking the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo I use a straight cut around the mid point of the torpedo tip. The generous cap allows for a substantial cut and keeps the cigar wrapper from unraveling from the top. The cold draw is a bit tight, but packed with flavors of spice, chocolate, coffee, oak, and earth.

Smoking Characteristics: The Chaveta Maduro Torpedo opens up with a slightly tight draw but a nice pleasant blend of flavors. In the first third there are notes of a rich sweet milk chocolate, coffee, and a nice blend of spices along with a bit of oak. In terms of finish, the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo lacks a little, each draw leaves a clean cocoa powder finish on the palate. The smoke is very smooth, cool, creamy, but only about medium bodied in terms of density off of the draw. The strength starts out in the medium range, on the first few puffs but is builds to medium to full towards the end of the first third.

Into the second third of the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo, the draw opens up nicely and the smoke becomes much more dense, rich, and thick. The smoke is cool, smooth, sweet, creamy, and quite delicious. The notes of milk chocolate, coffee, and spice all remain with the light oak and chocolate lingering on the palate between draws. The construction stands up quite well, with the ash holding firm to about the inch point, and the burn remaining quite sharp. The strength is certainly in the medium to full range at this point with a nice buzz settling in while smoking.

During the final third of the Chaveta Maduro Torpedo, there is a nice shift in the flavor profile. The milk chocolate becomes a little deeper with a bit of a bitter sweet dark chocolate. The spice kicks up a little bit, and the rich coffee and oak flavors both remain, but now as undertones. The smoke is still very cool, smooth, sweet, creamy, and very enjoyable. The construction is impressive, with the ash holding firm past the inch point and only minimal flaking. The burn remains very sharp, and the draw has only the slightest resistance. The Chaveta Maduro smokes cool to the nub without pulling any heat towards the end.

Conclusion: Like most of the releases from the PDR factory, I enjoyed the Chaveta Maduro quite a bit. I wish there would have been a little more evolution in the blend, but the overall flavors were quite enjoyable. The construction stood up well without any issues with the burn, draw, or ash. Overall it performed quite well, and it is worth a stick purchase, especially if you love Abe Flores’ work.

Rating: 88

MSRP: $6.35