ACS NFL Sunday Challenge December 16th Results!

Last night was the Jets vs Titans game to decide the winner of our December 16th NFL Sunday Challenge. According to the rules if we have a tie in the Sunday Challenge the winner will be decided by who can guess the score of the Monday Night game the closest without going over. Trevor guessed the total score would be 27 and Michael guessed it would be 39. The actual score was Jets 10 and Titans 14 making the total score 24. Since both guessed higher than the total score the closest guess is the winner, so Trevor is taking home the prize!

Trevor has won a 6 pack of Ashton Cigars which included a Ashton Classic, an Ashton Heritage, an Ashton Cabinet, along with a La Aroma De Cuba EE, a La Aroma De Cuba red band, and a San Cristobal. Check out the prize!