ACS NFL Sunday Challenge December 23rd Results!

Another round of our ACS NFL Sunday Challenge has come to an end, this time with 5 of the brand new Foundry Cigars at stake! We had yet another tie, with 5 people predicting 14 out of the 15 games this Sunday correctly! Since there is no Monday game this week, we decided on a new tie breaker, guessing the combined score of the New York Jets and New York Giants games.

David Axmann guessed that the combined score of the two games would be 78, Nick129 guessed it would be 71, Gary Noe guessed it would be 61, QuikAF77 guessed it would be 81, and Dan Greer guessed it would be 90. The Jets and Chargers game was 17 to 27, The Giants and Ravens score was 14 to 33, making the total score 91. This means that Dan Greer guessed the score the closest without going over, so he is wining the 5 pack of Foundry Cigar! Thanks everyone for entering, and good luck in this weeks contest.