Tatuaje The Mummy – Cigar Review

Each October for the past 5 years Tatuaje has released a limited edition monster cigar which pays homage to classic monster characters. These releases, like most of the limited edition Tatuaje releases, are highly anticipated and usually sell out quite quickly. The Mummy release for 2012 is the largest yet in the Monster series, totaling 666 ornate 13 count boxes shaped like a Mummy’s sarcophagus, and 3,100 10 count plain boxes. This release is nearly double the size of last years Wolfman which was limited to 666 13 count ornate boxes and 1,300 10 count plain boxes.

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Size: 7 3/4 x 47
Wrapper: Nicaragua Criollo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Construction and Appearance: The Mummy features a very thin band, which is typical of Tatuaje cigars, which says Halloween, Tatuaje, and Monster followed by Pete Johnson’s symbol. The Mummy has a nice weight to it and the sample smoked for review was very firm, minus one soft spot just under the cap. The wrapper itself is a reddish medium brown with some obvious veins to it and a nice oil. The Mummy features a closed foot and is topped off with a nice tight cap, the construction on it appeals quite excellent.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of The Mummy has notes of wood, cocoa, and a little cedar, The foot, despite being closed, had a shockingly different scent made of cocoa, earth, cedar, grass, and a little spice. Due to the closed foot the cold draw was quite tight, yielding only a light flavor of a sweet cedar.

Smoking Characteristics: The Mummy starts out with a slightly easy draw, the first few puffs yielding a nice full body of rich, cool smoke. There are notes of leather, cedar, nuts, cocoa, and a rich underlying spice. The finish on the palate is very woody, with a bit of a black pepper which lingers on the palate lightly. During this first third, a light cinnamon also joins the blend, providing a nice undertone giving the blend some complexity. The strength is a solid medium, with a nice mellow buzz starting to set in during the first third.

Into the second third, a nice rich smoothness develops into the blend. The smoke is now cool, sweet, smooth, and creamy. The draw is still a little easy, but not at all airy. There are flavors of rich sweet cedar, cinnamon, nuts, chocolate, and a little espresso as well with a slight grassy undertone. The pepper no longer lingers on the palate between draws, the finish is now made of entirely notes of cedar and a light cane sugar sweetness. The construction is standing up very well, the burn is extremely sharp, and the ash holds firm well past the inch mark. During the second third of The Mummy the strength is slightly over medium, just starting to enter the medium to full range.

During the final third of The Mummy, the chocolate now dominates the flavor profile with the cedar, nuts, espresso, and cinnamon all playing secondary notes. The chocolate is a little bittersweet and pairs wonderfully with the espresso. The smoke is still very cool, sweet, smooth, and creamy, each draw providing a nice full body. The strength is still in the medium to full range, increasing slightly during this third, but not into the full spectrum. The construction remains excellent, the burn as not required a single touch up, and the ash still holds tight. Towards the nub some of the pepper and spice joins the blend once more, but the smoke remains quite cool and the nub firm all the way till the end.

Conclusion: The Mummy was certainly an excellent cigar, the flavors were delicious, subtle, complex, and well blended. It is another great release from Tatuaje, and quite the collectable (I see older releases from the Monster series selling for more than double their initial price). The construction, like all Tatuaje blends I’ve smoked, was excellent, without any issues with the burn, draw, or ash. If you can still find these some where it is worth going for the box.

Rating: 92

MSRP: $13.50