A Night of Scotch and Cigars with John Starks. Yes, That John Starks.

On any day you feel needs something epic, you and a couple of friends are meeting up with John Starks—yeah, legendary former Knicks superstar John Starks—for an evening of scotch, cigars and spirited storytelling at the UES parlor of gentlemanly opulence, Club Macanudo. If you feel the urge to pinch yourself, that’s perfectly natural.

Unless your name is John Levell Starks, this is a pretty once-in-a-lifetime kind of Perk—so let’s get to it:

  • You’re finding two friends—preferably friends who aren’t opposed to spending an evening throwing back a few scotches (sorry, Tebow) and smoking cigars… indoors (sorry, Bloomberg).
  • Then, you’re meeting up with John Starks. Yeah, the John Starks who dunked on Jordan in the ’93 playoffs.
  • Your headquarters for the night: Club Macanudo. It’s exactly the kind of mahogany-wooded, leather-chair-laden oasis of opulence where you’d expect to find captains of industry. Or captains of NBA teams.
  • This isn’t your usual oasis of opulence, though. It’s one of the last bastions in NYC where you can legally smoke indoors—but it’s also outfitted with a very advanced ventilation system.
  • Obviously, you’ll have a private table. John Starks is a member here. And he’s John Starks.
  • You’ll be drinking some fine scotch—a few particularly special editions of Glenlivet.
  • You’ll be smoking some fine cigars—some coveted Nicaraguan CAOs, and cigars from Starks’s own line, to be exact.
  • You’ll just generally be gallivanting and carousing with John Starks. Ask him whatever you want. About the glory days. Or the time he tried to dunk on Patrick Ewing. Or campaign finance reform. (Hey, if you’ve got the chance…)