ACS NFL Playoff Challenge Part 1 Results!

Last week I posted up a contest for the first round of the NFL Playoffs, and put up a spectacular prize! Up for grabs was a 10 count box of Vega Fina Sumum 2010. (You can read my review on the Vega Fina Sumum here.)

To win you not only had to guess the outcome of the four games correctly, you also had to predict the total score of all four games the closest without going over. Now quite a few people were able to correctly predict that the Texans, the Ravens, the Packers, and the Seahawks would bring it home. Yet no one was able to guess just how low scoring the games would be on average, between the four games that total score was 137. Everyone guessed too high, in fact the closest guess was by Michela Blanchette who guessed 155, which makes Michela the winner!

Congratulations to Michela, you are taking home a box of Vega Fina Sumum 2010!