Sunday Links – 1/13/13

Happy Sunday fellow brothers of the leaf! My favorite link this week is about Cigar shop and lounge etiquette from Cigar Advisor. Cigar Advisor often posts great editorials about Cigar smoking, but out of all the ones I’ve read this has to be my favorite to date. It is all about how often regulars take advantage of their local shops and lounges. Two out of the “10 commandments” he posts are the most common “sins” of the leaf that I see.

One is bringing in outside sticks to the shop or lounge, something that just baffles my mind. Imagine walking into a pizza place eating a slice from down the street, you’d be lucky if all that happened is they threw you out! The other is people expecting a free meal every time they drop by the shop or lounge. The amenities a shop lays out are for your convenience, not your advantage. Please be respectful and don’t abuse them.

Read the whole list of the 10 commandments here.

Casas Fumando has a new reviewer who just put up a review of the 1502 Black Gold, show him a little love by checking it out.

Stogie on the Rocks reviewed the CyB (number 4 on my top 15 of 2012), check out what he said.

Toasted Foot did a review of the Crémo Classic Maduro Intrepidus, see what he had to say.