ACS NFL Playoff Challenge Part 2 Results!

Last week we ran another ACS NFL Challenge, this time for a cigar which is quite a rarity. Up for grabs was a La Flor Dominicana Meaner Digger, a double ligero barber pole, which was limited to only 2012 cigars in total! (Check out my review of it here) Once again we had a lot of entries, but shockingly only two people were able to predict all four of the games correctly.

Scott Smith and T Herrm were the only ones who were able to predict 100% of the playoff games correctly. The winner between the two was determined by who could guess the total score of all four games the closest without going over. Scott Smith had guessed the total score would be 183 and T Herrm guessed 181. The actual total score of all four games was 276, so Scott Smith was able to guess the closest without going over and has won a LFD Meaner Digger!

Check out his prize!