ACS NFL Big Game Challenge

Along with our ACS Big Game Pool we have decided to run a Big Game Challenge! If you didn’t hear about the Big Game Pool you can check out the post here. It was limited to only 100 entries and filled up in just about 3 days, and as a result we had some people who had been playing in the NFL Challenges all season who were unable to enter. So we decided to put up a Challenge for the Big Game as well which has no limit to the number of entries.

So how do you win? For this Challenge you must guess which team will win the game, either the 49s or the Ravens. For the first tie breaker, since several people should be able to guess who wins, you have to guess if the coin toss will be heads or tails. As a second tie breaker you have to guess who will score first, and finally you have to guess what the total combined score for the game will be. For the total combined score who ever guesses the closest without going over will win.

Now if after all of that we still come down to a draw, the winner will be selected in a random drawing. Up for grabs for the ACS NFL Big Game Challenge is a vintage 2011 Oliva IPCPR sampler! This contains an assortment of 6 Oliva cigars and is still completely sealed, check out the photo below.

So how do you enter? Simply copy the form below, fill it out, and comment on this page using it.

The winner of the Big Game will be:

The Coin toss will be:

The first team to Score will be:

The total combined Score will be:

Here are my predictions:

The winner of the Big Game will be: 49ers

The Coin toss will be: Tails

The first team to Score will be: Ravens

The total combined Score will be: 41