ACS NFL Big Game Challenge Results!

For the Big Game, which took place last night, we not only ran a ACS Big Game Pool (the results are posted here), but also a ACS NFL Big Game Challenge. For this challenge we required people to guess which team would win, what the coin toss would be, which team would score first, and what the total combined score would be.

The actual results were:

Winner: Ravers

Coin toss: Heads

First score: Ravens

Total score: 65

There were a half dozen people who were able to correctly predict the winner, coin toss, and first score. Out of all of those who were able to predict the first three criteria correctly, Clint Spam was able to predict the total score the closest without going over, guessing it would be 51. Congratulations to Clint, he will be winning the Oliva IPCPR 2011 sampler! Check out his prize:

I would like to thank everyone who took part in our NFL Challenges and our Big Game Pool, thanks to all of you readers they were a huge success! Make sure to stay tuned for more great contests coming up soon, we have some big things planned for 2013.

– Kevin and Peter