Sunday Links – 3/10/13

Welcome back Brothers of the Leaf for another edition of Sunday Links! Normally in our Sunday Links I editorialize a bit and then just share my favorite links from other blogs that were posted in the last week. This week I wanted to talk about something new we are going to be doing here at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal. The Cigar Almanac. The Cigar Almanac is a new weekly post we are going to do on Saturdays which will go back and show you reviews from this week’s dates in past years. This should be a fun way to see how our website has changed over the years, and see some reviews you might have missed! Anyway, onto the Sunday Links!

Here are the links I loved this week from other blogs:

Daniel at Casas Fumando reviewed the Ezra Zion Reagan Honor Series, find out what he thought.

Cigar Advisor reviewed the Inferno by Oliva Churchill, see how it stacked up.

Mike over at Stogie Review did a review of the XTC by Tarazona cigars, check it out.

And make sure to check out this week’s Cigar Almanac!