Cubanacan Habano Rothschild – Cigar Review

Back in January we posted a press release about the upcoming release of the Cubanacan Habano (you can read it here). The new Cubanacan Habano is from Tarazona Cigars, and features a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and binder. Tarazona decided to release this cigar due to the success of the Cubanacan Connecticut line which they also produce. The Cubanacan Habano, like the Connecticut, will come in 50 count boxes, and is available in 5 sizes. Today for review, I am smoking the Rothschild, which is a 5 x 50. There is also a, Chato 4 1/2 x 42, Piramide 6 1/8 x 52, Churchill 7 x 50, and El Gordo 6 x 60 available.

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Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Ecuadorian Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Medium to Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Construction and Appearance: The band on the Cubanacan Habano has a nice old classic look to it. It is a white with some gold trim. In the middle is written Cubanacan, above is Fabrica De Tobacos, and below Habano.

The wrapper of the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild is a medium brown with a very slight reddish tint to it. There are quite a bit of veins on the wrapper, but also a nice oil. Overall the construction is very seamless, and the cigar has a nice weight to it with no soft spots.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild has notes of slightly sweet wood, grass, and earth. The foot has the scent of earth, hay, cedar, and a bit of a mild spice. To prepare smoking the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild I use a straight cut across the cap, and on the cold draw there is a flavor of spice, wood, earth, and a slightly sweet mineral tone.

Smoking Characteristics: The first draws of the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild start off with a mix of light pepper, spice, and a rich cedar. The pepper starts to calm down very quickly after a few buffs, with the flavor becoming smooth and creamy. There are notes of cedar, hay, spice, and a sweet floral tone. Each draw leaves a very light mix of pepper and spice lingers on the palate, along with a little sweetness. The draw is excellent, easily providing a full body of rich, cool, sweet, smooth smoke. The strength is in the medium range, with only a very mellow buzz setting in early on.

Into the second third of the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild, the mineral tone develops into a nice sweet honey. There are still notes of cedar, hay, spice, and a floral tone, which all blend well with the honey. Going into this third, the ash seemed to be getting a bit flaky so I decided to ash it, yet it did hold past the inch point. The draw remains excellent, easily providing a full body of the smooth, cool, sweet, smoke. The pepper and spice are no longer in the finish on the palate as they were in the first third. Now there is just a light sweetness and a little cedar which lingers between draws. The burn on the Cubanacan Habano Rothschild is excellent and has not required a single touch up thus far. The strength in this third remains solidly in the medium range, not really increasing at all.

During the final third of the Cubanacan Habano, the pepper starts to fade in and out of the smoking profile. The notes of cedar, hay, spice, and the floral tone all remain, but the honey has faded from the profile. The smoke is now a bit dryer than it was in the past two thirds, but it is still smooth, cool, and very rich. During this third, the woody cedar really dominates the flavor profile, all the other notes act as undertones. The strength remains medium, with a nice light buzz setting in. The ash is still flaky, only holding to just about the inch point, but the burn is very sharp. The Cubanacan Habano smokes cool to the nub, only becoming slightly soft.

Conclusion: The Cubanacan Habano performs quite well. The flavor has a nice little evolution to it, and is well balanced. The construction, burn, and draw are excellent with an exception for the flakiness of the ash. Overall, especially for the price, I could see myself definitely picking up some more of these to smoke! Try one out for yourself they would make an excellent every day smoke.

Rating: 89

MSRP: $5.75