Torano Master Colossal – Cigar Review

I’ve noticed two recent trends in the cigar industry as of late, the first is one I’m quite a big fan of. The first trend I’m speaking of is box pressed cigars, it seems more and more new releases are box pressed, and old releases are getting a box pressed vitola. The other is cigars getting larger and lager, the Torano Master Colossal is the later.

Coming in at a 7 x 70, this is a whole lot of cigar, but it hasn’t been the only 770 released this year. JFR and Asylum have both released 7 x 70s this year, and I’ve heard talk of many other companies having one in the works. In fact, I’ve heard rumors of even larger cigars planned for production. These larger cigars have received quite a favorable reception so far from what I’ve seen, and today I am exploring the Torano Master Colossal.

Size: 7 x 70
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 2 (very long smokes)

Construction and Appearance: The Torano Master Colossal has a tan and black band which on top says Master, and below has the Torano logo and Torano written. On the side it says both Hecho amino and Hand Made.

The wrapper of the Torano Master Colossal is a medium brown with a very light reddish hue. The wrapper has a decent amount of veins, and a very rich oil to it. The size is simply massive coming in at a 7 x 70. It is firmly packed, and has an excellent weight when held in hand. The cap is very generous, and the construction fairly seamless.

Flavor and Notes: The wrapper of the Torano Master Colossal has notes of caramel, wood, and a little coffee. The foot has the scent of earth, coffee, butterscotch, wood, and a little cocoa. To prepare smoking the Torano Master Colossal I choose a straight cut, and on the cold draw there are flavors of spice, coffee, wood, and caramel.

Smoking Characteristics: The Torano Master Colossal kicks off with a blend of nuts, roasted coffee, and caramel. The draw is loose near the start of the cigar and the body of smoke only medium. Yet, the smoke is very cool, rich, and creamy. After the first eighth of an inch or so the draw tightens upAlong with the notes of coffee, caramel, and nuts is a note of graham cracker as well. The flavor has the slightest sweetness to it, which is supremely enjoyable. The strength is solidly in the medium range with a nice buzz setting in early on. However, the cigar is leaving my jaw a little sore due to the size.

Into the second third of the Torano Master Colossal, the notes of nuts, roasted coffee, and caramel are all continuing. During this third there is also a bit of dried fruit which is joining the blend, creating a wonderful flavor profile. The smoke is still extremely cool, likely due to the ring gauge. The blend is also very rich, creamy, sweet, and smooth. The construction is standing up well, the burn is wavy, but the ash holds firm well past the inch point. I am noticing that if I hold the ash much more than an inch and a half or so that the draw seems to become a little tight. When I am keeping the ash below an inch and a half the draw is quite excellent.

During the final third of the Torano Master Colossal, a little pepper and spice starts to blend into the flavor profile. The pepper and spice are subtle and I can only detect them on the palate between draws. The notes of nuts, roasted coffee, dried fruit, and caramel all remain in the flavor profile as well. The construction is impressive. Although the burn is wavy, it never needs to be touched up. The ash is very firm and solid, not flaking at all. The draw is shockingly amazing, yet I have to admit, my mouth is starting to get sore due to the large gauge. The flavor remains consistent all the way down to the nub, finishing without any heat or sour notes.

Conclusion: I was a little worried going into the Torano Master Colossal that I wouldn’t enjoy the flavor as much as I do on a smaller gauged Torano Master. With almost 1½ the gauge of the robusto, the proportions of wrapper to binder to filler are so different I was concerned the flavor would be as well. Surprisingly, it smokes quite well, with the flavors remaining almost exactly the same as the robusto, even a little bit smoother. The burn was not very sharp, and I have to admit the larger gauge is a bit of a jaw breaker. Overall if you are a fan of big ring gauges, I think you should enjoy this one greatly.

Rating: 89

MSRP: $7.99