Cigar Almanac July 20th, 2013

Welcome to the Cigar Almanac! The Cigar Almanac is post we do each Saturday at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal which catalogues the reviews we have done on this week in past years. The Almanac will give you a look at how our website has evolved of the years, and maybe highlight a review of a cigar or two you haven’t heard of before.


Here is the Cigar Almanac for the week of July 20th:

Reviews from this week in 2012:

Perdomo Champagne Noir Epicure

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

 Camacho Liberty 2012

EPC Inch Natural No. 64

EPC Inch Maduro No. 64

EloGio Serie LSV

Reviews from this week in 2011:

Santos de Miami by Jameson Cigars

Reviews from this week in 2010:

 Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

La Reloba Sumatra

Old School GR8

Reviews from this week in 2009:

 CAO Costa Rica

Illusione Epernay

Don Pepin Cuban Classic

Reviews from this week in 2008:

Illusione 68

Ashton ESG

Alec Bradley Maxx