Sunday Links – July 21st, 2013

Happy Sunday fellow Brothers of the Leaf! I have just returned for the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas which was a total blast. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing my recaps of the different days of the trade show, and shortly after you will start to see reviews of the new cigars posted. There are a few that I am really excited about, but I don’t want to spoil anything by talking about them until the review is posted.

Before I get to the actual Sunday links I just want to take a moment to get up on a soap box and complain. The day before the actual trade show opened there was a day of seminars that anyone with a badge could attend. The first seminar that day was on the most important thing to the cigar industry, legislation. Sadly too many people were busy nursing their hang overs or sitting at the blackjack table to attend it.

This is doubly depressing since almost everyone who attends the IPCPR (aside from media) derives their entire living off of the cigar industry. The room which only sat maybe 200 was a bit less than half full for the seminar. This is the type of laid back attitude which will see the end of premium cigars due to FDA regulations. Everyone needs to get involved and take this more seriously, you can start right now by heading to the CRA website and signing up today. At the very least get on the action email list so that you can contact your representatives when there is legislation that may negatively impact premium cigars.

Now on to the Sunday Links!

Stace over at Leaf and Grape posted up a video from the 2013 IPCPR that was an interview with Bill Paley from La Palina, check it out.

Coop over at Cigar Coop posted up an updated review of the SoBe Swag, see how he thought this blend evolved.

Jeremy from Casas Fumando reviewed the new Leccia Tobacco white, see how it stacked up for him.