Cigar Almanac August 24th, 2013

Welcome to the Cigar Almanac! The Cigar Almanac is post we do each Saturday at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal which catalogues the reviews we have done on this week in past years. The Almanac will give you a look at how our website has evolved of the years, and maybe highlight a review of a cigar or two you haven’t heard of before.


Here is the Cigar Almanac for the week of August 24th:

Reviews from this week in 2012:

 La Palina Classic Robusto

Perla del Mar By J.C. Newman

Perdomo Champagne Noir Corona Extra

Padilla Invictus Torpedo

Padilla Miami Maduro Robusto

La Palina Maduro 52

Nat Sherman Timeless Especiales

Rock Patel Private Cellar Robusto

Reviews from this week in 2011:

La Palina El Diario

Graycliff Original

Illusione Ultra MK

Quesada Oktoberfest

Reviews from this week in 2010:

 PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

Guillermo Leon Signature

Reviews from this week in 2009:

Cain Habano

Patel Brothers

Cain Maduro

Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series

Reviews from this week in 2008:

Padilla Miami 

Los Blancos Maduro

Cuvee Blanc