José Blanco steps down at Joya de Nicaragua: Press Release


Estelí, Nicaragua- JOYA DE NICARAGUA S.A announced today that José Blanco has stepped down from his role as Senior VP of the Company. The move comes at the end of a two-year contract that resulted in a fruitful collaboration between José and Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, from which the popular C Y B brand of cigars was born. Now José returns with his family to his roots in the Dominican Republic.
Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, Chairman and CEO of JOYA DE NICARAGUA expressed “We are very grateful for Jose’s company over the past two years. It’s been another big learning experience for all of us at JOYA, as much as we hope it was for him, and we thank him for his contributions and for helping spread the love for Nicaraguan cigars, especially during his tireless trips in the USA. We wish him and his family the best in their future endeavors”.

“Working for JOYA fulfilled my curiosity and love for Nicaraguan tobacco and it’s been a great and very interesting couple of years for me to work hands-on in a true and traditional local factory. I express my appreciation to JOYA DE NICARAGUA for these two years of collaboration and I wish them all the best. I would also like to thank Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel and the entire Drew Estate team for all their great work and support during my stay and my US-trips” said José Blanco.

JOYA DE NICARAGUA S.A., is a family owned, Nicaragua-based cigar factory that handcrafts traditional cigars for the premium luxury cigar market. First opened in 1968, it is Nicaragua’s oldest cigar factory in operation and home to the legendary JOYA DE NICARAGUA® brand of cigars. Joya is regarded by many as the patriarch crafter of robust, unique puro blends of locally grown black tobaccos, and its cigars are sold in nearly 40 countries around the world. For more information, please visit