Cigar Federation’s Raffle for Project Mañana

From an E-mail sent out by Cigar Federation:

We’re contacting you because we respect your work in building the industry we love, and we would like your help.  As you may have heard, on Monday morning, we kicked off Cigar Federation’s Raffle for Project Mañana (

With our friend Brian Berman, head of Project Mañana, we’ve put together, what we think, is a great opportunity to “do good” for a nation that brings us so much joy as cigar enthusiasts, while also providing fellow enthusiasts the opportunity to win some really fantastic prizes from some of our favorite manufacturers.

You can find full information on this initiative HERE.  What we’re asking of you is your support in spreading the word about this raffle.  If you would help us reach out to your readers/viewers/listeners to spread the word of this great cause and their ability to win these fabulous prizes, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your time and support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Logan or Matt from Cigar Federation.