Sunday Links – October 13th, 2013

Happy Sunday to all my fellow Brothers of the Leaf. The past week has been a busy one for me again, so I am thrilled for the chance to relax and take it easy today. Here in the North East I have the opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage before the chill of winter brings on the snowy season and covers the outdoors in a blanket of snow once more. For that reason I am going to spend today enjoying what nature has to offer with a nice ride, a nice cigar, enjoying the nice scenery. I sincerely hope everyone else can embrace the day and enjoy something themselves.

Onto the links I enjoyed from across the internet this week!

Cigar coop did an update on the A Flores Gran Reserva, check it out.

Seth over at Seth’s Humidor did a review on the Craft La Campaña de Panamá Soberana (2013) (RoMa Craft), find out what he thought.

Jeremy over at Casas Fumando did a review on the Cubao No. 3 by Ortega Cigar Company, see how it stacked up.