ACS NFL Sunday Challenge Nov 10, 2013: Results

Each week, we let you handicap the Sunday NFL Games for great cigar swag provided by our sponsors! Week 10 of the 2013-2014 season resulted in a 3-way tie at 8 correct choices. The tiebreaker for the combined score of the Monday night game decided this week’s winner, Mark VanSledright! He wins a 5-pack of Dunhill Aged Romanas! Congratulations Mark, and thanks to everyone for playing this week.

This week’s prize will be a Punch Ashtray with 5 cigars!

So how do you enter? When we post the current week’s games, simply copy and paste the Sunday games as a comment and write in your pick at the end of each line who you think will win the game. The person with the most correct picks takes home the prize!

In the case of a tie we will default to the combined score of the Monday night game. The person who guesses the closest without going over will be selected as the winner. Good luck! Make sure to fill in the combined score of the Monday game in your post!

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