ACS NFL Sunday Challenge Nov 24, 2013: Results

Happy Monday! Well, I have to say that it was an interesting time tabulating the scores for this week’s winner. That Vikings – Packers tie threw things out of wack but was not a dealbreaker. Kansas City disappointed after a great run through the first half of the season.

We had quite a few entries with only 4 or 5 correct, but Lloyd L. had 7 correct and will receive a 5-pack of Ventura Cigar’s PSyKo Seven Robustos as this week’s winner!

Watch for the Thanksgiving Day edition of our Football Challenge. We will be announcing it tomorrow or Wednesday!

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with good friends, family, good food, and of course good cigars!

Please take a moment to remember all of our Armed Forces throughout the world who are away from their families at this time of year. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for making a sacrifice to preserve our wonderful way of life here in the USA!