ACS Sunday Challenge December 22 & 29, 2013: Results

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014! I have been so crazy this holiday season and am ready for a quiet January!

Well, on to the contest. I got so far behind in making the results post last week that I am combining the results post.

For the Sunday, December 22 games, there was a 3-way tie with Jeff Borders, Lloyd L, and Garry picking 11 correct outcomes. After the Monday night game with a combined score of 58, Jeff cam closest with a guess of 47. He takes the San Cristobal/La Aroma de Cuba Cigar pack and ashtray!

La Aroma de Cuba Ashtray

For the Sunday, December 29 games, John Yang scored a 4-pack of San Cristobal Revelation Cigars with the only perfect picks of the regular season! John got all 16 games correct! Congrats!

San Cristobal Revelation

Thanks to everyone for participating this season!