Cigar Review: Caldwell Cigars; Long Live The King

When Jaclyn Sears moved to Miami on one of her first nights I met her at Neighborhood Humidor (14040 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL) when she was brought there by my friend Mario who works at Drew Estate. I’ll admit, I was a little enamored meeting a gringa in the land of Latins. We made plans to hang, but her schedule with CLE and mine with Miami Cigar & Company just didn’t work out for us.

Fast forward a year later and we made plans to hang before I went back North so I can get some info to bring back with me to Buttheads Tobacco where I hope to carry these cigars. Robert Caldwell, was once the man behind the brand Wynwood cigars, and while the cigars were made by Christian Eiroa, Caldwell was very much involved in the process. Once the relationship with CLE soured, it only took about 7 months for Caldwell to get together with Henderson and William Ventura to make his own cigars in the Dominican Republic. Today’s cigar, Long Live The King is one of first offerings from his new company.

Long Live The King

Long Live The King

Size:  5.75 x 44 (Corona)
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Dominican Corojo Peruvian Pelo de Oro, Nicaragua Habano
Strength: Medium-Full
Number Smoked: 3

Appearance & Construction: This is one beautifully constructed cigar, there are almost no seams present and the wrapper is as clean-looking as I have ever seen. Trying to find an imperfection is virtually impossible. The cigar is firm to the touch and is well packed visually at the foot. The artwork on the band features some great shading and it looks more like a work of art then a cigar band. With the exception of some gold foil it looks like a pencil sketch. One negative that I see is these cigars come without cello and in the cold weather states I wonder how they will handle the cold weather as the wrapper feels a little brittle. As a former store owner of a small store, keeping the humidor at the right temperature can be a challenge with the weather outside dips to the single digits or lower.

Flavor & Notes: For me this is where the cigar really shines, as the cigar contains my two favorite tobaccos; Peru and Pelo de Oro. Pelo de Oro has a distinct taste and flavor profile that personally wows me. On the cold draw there is some earth and a hint of what reminds me of sourdough. Intriguing as it is something I haven’t experienced before, while the aroma off the foot is very cedar like. Once the cigar is lit there is a nice spice that makes this cigar seem more Nicaragua then Dominican. Mixed into the spice is some citrus notes. Working into the first third of Long Live The King; there is a dominant nuttiness with earth and some citric like qualities that seem seem to grow with each pull. In the second third of the smoke, the citrus really begins to take charge with a warm buttery note that slowly takes over, after losing the ash some cedar joined the mix. In the last third of this Caldwell Cigar offering, the citrus takes charge with some returning nuts, earth and an occasional buttery richness.

Smoking Characteristics: The burn of the cigar started out  a little jagged but it corrected itself before becoming jagged again. However, by the end of the first third the burn line was razor-sharp and I never once touched it up, or had to relight it. The draw offered just enough resistance to make it perfect while the salt and pepper ash held to almost the mid way point.

Overall: Easily my favorite new cigar of the year. Despite some similar notes throughout there was enough complexity as they battled for supremacy to keep me interested and it left me wanting another one after I was finished. I’ve had the pleasure of smoking most of the lines from Caldwell, and in time I will review the others, but this is a cigar that is worth tracking down and buying a box.

Price: $9.50
Rating: 93