A lot of things have happened over the last month, that I figure should be addressed in a public forum instead of the countless emails and Facebook messages I have received, not that I mind.

After 2.5 years Miami Cigar & Company and I parted ways. The reason was simple, my position was phased out. I wasn’t replaced, instead a lot of my tasks were delegated elsewhere in the company and it was time to move on. Miami Cigar & Company and I remain close and in the coming days I expect them to jump on board as an advertiser here.

I started over 5 years ago out of a passion for the industry, and as much as I wanted to stay in Florida the ability to find a job just wasn’t there. I had an offer to join a company that I think will be huge in the next 5 years in Nicaragua, but with the language barrier and it being a little bit of a risky move, I decided it was time to return back north. My friend Kevin Paige, who owns Butthead’s Tobacco in Danbury, Connecticut. While the store lacks the ambiance of some of the great cigar lounges, it does have over 2300 open boxes and if there is something new on the market, we have it.

2.5 Years ago, Kevin bought from me as I headed to Miami, now I join forces with Kevin to restore to its’ former glory. So come on board, and check us out. Let’s see who I manage to piss off along the way… I’m willing to bet the redesign will play a role in that..