Cigar Review: Sindicato

While this review posts on Tuesday it is my first day at my new job. Living in New Milford, CT is a bit of a transition from the gorgeous women of Miami to the hardened faces of New England especially after the tough winter that they just faced. I will admit I miss the Palm Trees and a lot of my friends by I do like the serenity of living in the woods with a stream behind my backyard. The nights are chilly and I’ve been tempted to light the fireplace but I am adapting even having met someone the other night and looking forward to a second date.

Today’s cigar is the Sindicato flagship cigar. According to a card that came with these samples; “Sindicato is a square-pressed Nicaraguan Puro with a limited shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Eduardo Fernandez in Jalapa, Nicaragua. The beautiful wrapper is grown under shade to insure the leaf’s consistent appearance. Master blender Arsenio Ramos has combined this unique wrapper with a rich, bold Estelli double leaf binder, which encompasses a blend of strong, flavorful Jalapa and Esteli leaves and delivers a medium-full strength cigar with exquisite taste.”

Cigar: Sindicato
Size: Toro (6 x 54)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Shade Grown Corojo
Binder: Nicaragua (Double Binder)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Jalapa)
Strength: Full
Number Smoked: 3

Appearance & Construction: According to the product information that came with the samples, they classify the color as Colorado but for me it looks more in tune with a brown paper bag. I don’t get any of the reddish hues associated with a Colorado smoke. The square pressed Sindicato has a beautifully done pig-tail cap and a black and gold cigar band. The cigar is pressed to precision and features a closed foot. There are no soft spots and there is a nice weight to the cigar. The back of the band has the bar code similar to what Eddie Ortega did with his brand.

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar has a creamy buttery note with the cold draw serving up the same. It’s so enjoyable like the freshly melted butter you apply to popcorn or corn on the cob. Once the cigar is lit there is an abundance of sweet spiced that meld together like the symmetry of a zipper. As we progress into the first third of the Sindicato the notes are a continued buttery sweetness over pepper notes with some wheat. In the second third the wheat flavor becomes a little stronger with some notes of anise and spice in the mix as well. The last third of the cigar the buttery sweetness resumes with some spice on the finish which is a bit long.

Smoking Characteristics: As you can see the picture below the burn isn’t the prettiest it but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the cigar. The draw is a little bit tight, but not in the sense where it non-enjoyable. The light gray ash holds on strong although it is a little flaky. When the ash drops it leaves a nice cone with a red center. The cigar stayed lit through out and didn’t need any touch ups. 

Overall: The Sindicato group was started by a group of retailers who were tired of the lack of some cigar companies not putting retailers and consumers first. They wanted to create a cigar that would be protected and fit the profile of today’s cigar smoker. That fits here, this is a cigar that is for todays’ consumer. The cigar was enjoyable where I could see smoking this on a daily basis without getting bored. The cigar is complex and consistent throughout the many sizes they have to offer as pointed out in the press release last week.


Sindicato Toro

Price: $10.75
Rating: 91