Cigar Review: Palo Nuevo

It’s a small world, but even a smaller would among cigar enthusiasts. I recently took a ride to one of the most beautiful cigar shops I have ever stepped foot in called Mickey Blake’s which is located in Connecticut, my new home. While there I was talking with one of the owners Joe, and he asked if I was family with Cuban Crafters and Kiki. Having just moved from Miami, I was very familiar. This led to a store about how a customer who owns a food truck had an uncle in the cigar business and made his cigars at Tabacalera Esteli, which is owned by the aforementioned “Don Kiki”.

Since we are going to review a cigar every day except Sunday for the month of May, I figured I would give this cigar a review for the boys at Mickey Blake;s who can’t keep any of the cigars from Crimson Lord Cigar Company in stock. According to the website; “This cigar hails from the beautiful mountainous region of Estelí, Nicaragua and has been intricately blended to mesmerize your senses, leaving your pallet begging for more. When smoking this light, mild bodied cigar you will instantly be enveloped by a calming sensation. The smoothness is characterized with hints of earthiness. It is the culmination of years of aging and blending combined with a silky Connecticut wrapper, a special Nicaragua binder and Nicaragua filler.

Cigar: Palo Nuevo
Size: Robusto (5 x 50)
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Mild
Number Smoked: 2

Appearance & Construction: Having spent sometime at Cuban Crafters and seeing many of their bundle cigars I am happy to report that the wrapper on this smoke has a nice premium look to it There is a dual band system in place with a gorgeous black red and silver foot band denoting Crimson Lord and the fact the cigar is made in Esteli, Nicaragua. The latter is repeated on the primary band which simplistic.  The cigar has a nice weight to it, and a slightly crooked cap on a seamless roll

Flavor & Notes: The cold draw of the cigar serves up earthy notes and a touch of nuttiness while the foot has earthy components. Once the cigar is lit there is wonderful dry toast note that teases the palate with some spice associated with Nicaraguan tobacco. As we get into the second third, the cigar remains enjoyable with some notes of earth and a very faint toast note with some nuts. The last third of the cigar the flavor drops off some but the earth remains with a nice short finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar burns well and stays lit throughout, with no relights needed. However one of the two samples I smoked needed to be touched up to correct a major burn issue. The light color ash was flaky and loose often ending up in my lap.

Overall: Listening to the guys at Mickey Blake’s discuss this company I was a little surprised as I was never a fan of the cigars that come from Kiki’s Nicaragua factory, however this cigar was enjoyable to say the least. It won’t win any awards, but the smoke kept me interested where I would purchase them again.

Price: $6.50
Score: 89

Palo Nuevo

Palo Nuevo